Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mod Polkadot Apron

Hang out that laundry and do your part for the environment. This apron features large pockets for clothspins. Read more about National Hanging Out day and pick up this cute polka dot apron in the process! From momomadeit on Etsy>>

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Anonymous said...

hi daria!

thanks again for featuring one of my aprons! i will check it out!

i've never really figured out how to respond on blogs so.....as far as my inspirations - well, i would have to say fabric and having fun! i have sewn since i was a kid. i had 3 older sisters and my mom sewed constantly, conjuring up all kinds of things from white blouses and skirts to prom and wedding dresses. i retired from a very detailed oriented and stressful job in 2006. being able to be creative on my own schedule is like new found freedom. i am just having fun finding fabric and putting it together. my only problem is that i can't get everything done that i want to!


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