Friday, October 12, 2007

Apron A Day - goes live

Thank you for stopping by Apron A Day, my new love. I have several blogs, a popular podcast for women called Boutique Cafe, but I needed a venue to share a new love and interest of mine. Maybe not so new, I can always remember my Grandmother wearing aprons and something about them is so warm and tender to me. In present days, you may have noticed that Apron wearing is back with a vengance. There are so many chic choices in aprons now that you need a closet dedicated to housing them all. That's where Apron A Day comes in...each day I'll share one great apron that I've discovered or had sent to me. Then you can rave, ogle, and desire to your hearts content - you can even go buy some of them. Strap on those apron ties and come back often for your daily apron fix.

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